The advertisements for most dating sites make it seem as if everyone wants to be in a monogamous, committed relationship. This is not true and trying to force someone to be faithful is almost impossible. The need for one partner to be able to partake in casual sex blog, while the other one expects them to be home every night often leads to arguments, hurt feelings and divorce.

There is another way. Many happy couples have been able to come to an agreement about how to have the excitement of casual dating as well as keeping their partner at their side. Open relationships are not going to necessarily appeal to everyone, but they are something that should be considered before completely giving up on a relationship.

The decision to pursue casual sex, even while remaining married or in a serious relationship, is only possible for people with the right mental outlook on the situation. People must be able to separate sex and love. They must fully believe it is possible to love someone entirely, but still want to physically be with someone else. Not many couples can achieve this easily and some are never able to do it without damage to their relationship.

The couples that do try this method of marriage and can make it work are often much more loyal and committed to each other than many may think. They have few secrets and feel very open about exposing their vulnerabilities and expressing their needs to their spouse. There is no sneaking around, lying or angry confrontations.

By taking part in casual sex UK couples do open themselves up to the risk of diseases, an unwanted pregnancy and casual partners who become too attached. There is the potential risk of personal and professional reputations being damaged. The couple may have children who discover their parent’s behavior. Everyone should understand the potential risks and decide how they will protect themselves before they begin.

Another issue is that certain people are okay with the lifestyle for a while, but begin to have doubts over time. Couples who want to be open about their sexual needs should also be open about their emotional needs as well. This is often hard for the partner who wants to be in an open partnership to hear. When they have finally been given the okay to do what they have been desiring, it can be frustrating to have to stop. However, in order to keep the person they love in their life, it may be necessary.